WebFair is much more than an online auction site

WebFair is much more than an online auction site
At the core of GIFTING is a connection to another human.  As our contentment with what we have grows we find we need less 'stuff' and WebFair helps to flow goods through our communities without judgement. 

Gratitude gets a lot of air time now and we know we feel better when we practice feeling grateful for what we have.  WebFair gifting delivers gratitude to both the Gifter and the Buyer in equal amounts.  Each party can enjoy as much gratitude as they can handle :)

The benefits of gifting are numerous and they are measured not in cash but in individual feelings.  We don’t keep a bank account of these or measure our success by how we feel, but maybe we should?  If we look past the massive marketing machines that use our feelings to entice us to buy goods we don’t want or need and see the sensations and feelings we generate during the act of giving, we can get back to the basics of being good humans. 

Giving promotes co-operation and social connection.

Example of connections that have nothing to do with cash

Louise listed her mini tramp on the first WebFair in June and it sold for $7 which left her feeling slightly disappointed that only $6 had been made for her community group( WebFair fee is $1). 

Greeting Marie, the buyer at the door, Louise was touched to discover Marie had purchased the mini tramp for a family member that had recently been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and had been advised a mini tramp could help.  Marie was thrilled that she could help a loved one with something meaningful and affordable and was very grateful to Louise for gifting a mini tramp on Webfair.

Louise rang me back to say that she would have happily given the mini tramp away to Marie and she was feeling pleased to have been able to help someone who was in need.  The money to her community group no longer mattered but was a lovely sprinkle of gratitude on the top.

(names have been changed but the story is true).

Our Beginnings

WebFair started with discussions about the size of the burgeoning landfill issues around the world and how is it possible to even make a difference?  One of my favorite quotes is "if you think you are too small to make a difference, sleep with a sandfly"!

The idea of a simple website to allow people to flow goods through the community when they have finished with them or when they want to replace them was where our discussions started.  We checked out the free give away sites and tried a few out.   

With many years business experience under our belt, I really wanted us to re-design the idea of business to move away from the existing model of economic profit-making which is effectively just taking more than what you give!  In order to break down the old learned patterns in my neural pathways from 30 years behind a finance desk, I decided to put myself in a very uncomfortable situation and took off to sleep out in the open in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador.  

Jane and my sister Julie were brave enough to come with me to experience staying with an endangered indigenous tribe called the Sapara.  The Sapara are a maternal tribe that practice life from the point of sufficiency and abundance and they welcomed and nurtured us during our week long stay with them.  

After many discussions, walks on the beach and hours of ideas we decided that we wanted to try the current concept of WebFair.  Give your goods away but the person buying them gives something to community.  Everyone wins including Earth.  We can't stop goods being made but we can delay them going to landfill while they still have good life left in them. 

WebFair can make enough money from a transaction fee of $1 plus will sell advertising space and/or sponsorship once our traffic climbs.  

Designing the functionality and website look was challenging to say the least and consumed many hours... days... weeks... months :)

As the website began to manifest the ideas continued to flow.  Watching how so many people, community groups and the business community can all interact and ALL receive multiple intangible benefits has been a joy.  

The Gifter
  • Has a clear out of items no longer needed, more space in your home
  • Helps others in the community to get a bargain, some would not be able to afford to buy otherwise
  • Helps a Community group of your chosing
  • It's fun, you can watch your items being auctioned
The Buyer
  • Genuine bargains
  • Everything is always for sale, no reserves, everything starts at $1
  • Unique selection of items to choose from
  • Confident that your buying is actually donating to a Community group
  • It's fun
The Business
  • Connects directly to a Community group easily
  • Can use slow moving stock or obsolete stock on WebFair to give to Community
  • Are seen by many people to be giving to a Community
  • Full product page to talk about your item and promote your business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility programme right at your fingertips with no loss of productivity
  • It's fun and creative.
The Community Group
  • Helps your community get bargains of things they might not be able to otherwise afford
  • Able to ask supporters for help without asking them for cash
  • Effectively gives you your own second hand store
  • Keeps goods out of landfill
  • No mess of a physical fair
  • It's fun, creative and a little quirky too!

Who can run a WebFair?

We want to help anyone in the community who is helping others or has a creative opportunity.   Obviously charities but also Teams, Artists, Social Enterprises, Schools and Hospitals.  We would love to hear from you.

Warm regards

Donna Morris

News & success stories:

Providing a healthy and effective alternative deodorant range

Diana Divan, Director of Dept. of Soul, has a passion for the natural. After a period of trialling natural deodorants with no luck, she found and fell in love with her product now branded as Dept of Soul.
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